Hi everyone im Kerry! The girl behind Cuppy & Cake, thank you for visiting my website where I share with you my love for sweet things, cakes, cupcakes, cookies.. you name it! Hopefully my site will give you an insight to the baking world, inspire you, teach you a few things, and allow me to share my passion with everyone.

I discovered my passion back in 2009 when I decided to bake some cupcakes. I didn’t know how to or even owned an oven. I asked my friend to teach me how to out of a cupcake box mix (the ones where you just need to add eggs and some milk – thats how clueless i was haha!). Fast forward 3 years later I got my own oven and I’ve never looked back, I’ve been addicted to baking since!

I am a self – taught cake artist, I learnt the basics through online tutorials and google search (thank you internet!), slowly mastering and refining my skills. That’s why I believe practice makes perfect because my first cake was horrendous!! When I look back to see how far I’ve come, to a girl who knew nothing about baking, learning from a box and who didn’t even have an oven!

Over the years i have collaborated with Youtuber Michelle Phan – My idol and someone who i really look up to, so being able to be in her video and teaching others how to make cookies meant the world to me!


Matchbox kitchen retailer cake ambassador (seeing myself on a poster at the shops was a surreal moment for me)


Queen fine ingredients


Kikki. K


The Age food guide


and the front cover of The Journal newspaper are a few to name!

I believe with enough determination and passion you can achieve anything – chase your dreams!
Stay sweet,

Kerry x