Over the years i have been lucky enough to work with brands and people who inspire me and love. I feel grateful that my passion has lead to a few amazing opportunities that i could have never imagined.

My all time favourite one would have to be collaborating with Michelle Phan, she is my idol and someone who i personally look up to – someone who i aspire to be like. To be able to be featured in her youtube video meant so much to me, because never in  a million years would i have ever thought i would be able to be featured in her video and share my passion with millions of others around the world. 

Its crazy to think that the video has nearly reached 2 million views. You can watch the video here:

Matchbox kitchen retailer cake ambassador (seeing myself on a poster at the shops was a surreal moment for me)


Queen fine ingredients


Kikki. K


The Age food guide


and the front cover of The Journal newspaper are a few to name!

I believe with enough determination and passion you can achieve anything – chase your dreams!
Stay sweet,

Kerry x


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