How i started baking?

How i started baking?

When you first begin a hobby, or figure out what your passion is i think it happens by accident, something caught your interest! Something you just did for fun because you enjoyed it and slowly became better at it! Mine just happened to be baking and making cakes and cupcakes!

What first sparked my interest was I remember there was this pink cupcake shop in the city and at the front window was a massive jumbo sized cupcake. I remember staring and gazing at it outside from the window thinking, “Oh my god that is the cutest thing i have ever seen, I wish i could make that”. I stood outside that window staring at it for 5 minutes with puppy dog eyes. Not to mention the cupcake store caught my attention it was all pink themed (my favourite colour) and inside they had all different kinds of flavoured cupcakes. I just kept thinking this was the cutest cupcake store i’ve seen it would be cool to do this as a living or work here!


A few months I decided to make my very first cupcake back in 2009, the only problem was that i did not even own an oven or know how to. So i asked one of my friends if she could teach me how to make cupcakes out of those cake box mixes you buy in the supermarkets. At this point she probably thought i was a little crazy because all you had to do was add milk and eggs and mix it together! After baking my first batch of cupcakes with her i thought to myself “this wasn’t too hard i could see myself doing this”. I remember watching the cupcakes rise in the oven with so much anticipation and interest. Something that was a gooey – water like texture turned into a soft dense cupcake! It was so fascinating to me, i could feel something burn inside of me i knew this would not be the end of it and little did i know from that day on i had just discovered my passion.

Fast forward a few months down the track, i would use every excuse to bake for someone, or bring ingredients to peoples houses just to bake some sweets. It was to the point my parents got so annoyed at me for  bringing flour, eggs etc to people’s houses that they said “Ok thats it kerry we’re going shopping to go buy an oven, because you can’t keep going to peoples houses with ingredients and come home with cakes. They must get so annoyed at you!” (Haha my friends probably did). 

I remember buying my own oven with the money i had saved up, it was one of the best days of my life. All i thought was now that i have my own oven imagine all the things i could bake now, ANYTIME i wanted to also!

I guess thats where my cake journey began, i slowly started doing more cakes and orders practising and practising until i got better at it. Im a self taught cake artist, i just learnt my way through youtube tutorials, blogs, google! There was A LOT of trial and error, sweat and tears, but without them i wouldn’t have been able to learn and make the cakes i have today.

Being self taught and knowing completely nothing about baking i feel thankful to to follow my passion i never thought i would be offered so many opportunities, some collaborations feel so surreal to me. I am forever thankful. I just believe do what you love, and love what you do. Keep following your dreams and passions because it will lead you to amazing things.

Stay sweet,

Kerry x

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